Monday, 24 March 2014

My favorite video game

My favorite Video game is Grand Theft Auto 5 based on the city Los Angeles  because you can roam around the whole map on your own free will you can go to gun stores (AMMU-NATION) And can go to things like a barber shop to give yourself a haircut or beard. There is also a place in the game called Los Santos Customs where you can drive your car in there and upgrade things on the car such as Bulletproof tyres,Tinted windows,Engine upgrades,Suspension,Paint jobs and so on. there is also missions and heists in the game which makes the whole game very exiting for heists their are 3 of them their is one where you break into a jewellery store their is also one where you blow up the F.I.B (F.B.I) building and the final heist which is where you rob the richest bank IN THE WORLD!!!! but these things take a lot of planning and hire crew members for their own job to do in the heist. their is also a military base with fighter jets C13 planes barracks trucks and also TANKS

This is my review of GTA 5.

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