Monday, 14 April 2014


30th 18th Avenue Tauranga

Dear Faulty Helicopter Company


Once upon a time my dad bought me and my brother a remote controlled helicopter so it didn't work. We pulled it out of the box then plugged it into the wall and let it charge till it was fully charged which took about 30 minutes. After that we unplugged it and then started to fly it worked great at the start and then it started to die down like it was running out of battery life after about 15 minutes so we then said "Thats enough" we all said and then let it charge again.

 After it said it was full on battery life we unplugged it and tried again this time it only went off the ground by around 30CM and then fell to the ground again we then had to check around the helicopter and look through the instructions to see if everything was set up properly which it was so we started to wonder why it wasn't working we tried everything putting on the spare wings trying different functions so what I want you to do is make sure battery life lasts longer and make sure you make the product work better

Your Sincerely

 Kaidin Morton

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