Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Christmas Day World War Football Game

(It was wet and boggy. The soldiers were trying to keep warm in the trenches. It was dark, gloomy and still in no-man's-land. It was the year of 1914 - Christmas Day. There was a lonely German soldier in no man's-land.)
Hugo: (worriedly) Hey Tom! Why is that man out there alone?
Tom: I don't know.
Hugo: (excitedly) I'm going to see.
Tom: What…
Hugo: (interrupting) Hello, what is your name?
German: My - name - is - Fritz.
Hugo: My - name - is - Hugo.
Tom: (shouting) Hey Hugo, is he friendly because that other German over there is walking in no-man's land and he has a football.
Fritz: Hay, vy don't ve have a rest and play votball, instead of viting vor a day?
Hugo: (politely) Sergeant Jack, can we have a game of football for the day for Christmas?
Sergeant Jack: You are all dismissed for the day, do as you wish.
Fritz: I will ask my hofficer if ve can play.
Soon all the soldiers were scrambling out of their trenches (from both armies) and all of them had a great game. But for the next three years the fighting would go on again. And so it did. every night the alarm would sound and I would get no sleep. Football was what made me happy.
Hugo: Hey Tom, wanna play some footie?
Tom: Sure man okay il start this end you start that end.
Tom: Yesssss! I win I win I win!
Hugo: Yes yes I know
Narrator: Hugo and Tom would play football everyday for their own entertainment because that is all that they had, both their fathers went to war and their mothers were the medical nurses fixing up the soldiers wounds so they were all by themselves.

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