Sunday, 4 August 2013

Game rating's and comment's and a little bit about the game

Minecraft (Rating 10/10) (Comment: Minecraft is a very entertaining but also hard computer game. It has mobs you will find in the night time you can build houses and there are ores in the game you will need to mine such as iron, coal, gold, diamond, emerald, lapis lazuli.)

Tekkit (Rating 9/10) (Comment: Tekkit is very similar to minecraft but there are a lot more mods different blocks and also different ores. On this version of tekkit you can fight mobs mine ores build houses and now in the latest version you can even go to the moon.)

Tekkit Classic (Rating 10/10) (Comment: Tekkit classic in my opinion would be the best Tekkit there is. There is lots of things you can do in this tekkit like set up a quarry which you will need to power and this will automatically dig down to the core of the world and pop out everything and it will go into a chest you can also find volcanoes and there are lots of things to craft aswell.)

Tekkit Lite (Rating 7/10) (Comment: Tekkit Lite is similar to Tekkit Classic there is not that much difference but on here you can open it to LAN so the people on your internet can play with you instead of going on a server.)

Big Dig (Rating 2/10) (Comment: Big Dig in my opinion I don't really like it because all you really do is dig just like in Minecraft you mine with a pickaxe but in Big Dig you use a shovel and just dig dirt up all day it gets really boring.)

Hexxit (Rating 10/10) (Comment: Hexxit is really awesome but I don't know that much about it there are elephant's and lots of other animals and also more default builds in the world.)

VOLTZ (Rating 8/10) (Comment VOLTZ is alright I guess it has things like rockets, bombs, rocket launchers and other things like that it's exiting but can get very boring sometimes.)

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