Wednesday, 21 May 2014

200 Word Story

Once apon a time there was a boy named Matthew who was starting year nine. It was his first day and he was a bit anxious about the people in his class so he decided to mix with a few boys and a few girls at first none of the boys didn't really want anything to do with him then he started to ask them if they had any of the same interests which then he met a boy with the same interests who's name was Jordan they started talking and then went to meet a few girls the met 3 girls named Renee, Sophia and Joy which Jordan and Matthew kind of got along with. Later that week Matthew got a letter in his locker from Renee saying she really really liked him and asked if they wanted to go out Matthew replied saying "ok where shall we meet?" Renee then replied later that day saying Memorial Park on the first field tonight 6.00PM ill bring the food!" Joy and Sophia were then so jealous of Renee so they decided to end their friendship with her which Renee didn't really care because she had Matthew. that night Matthew arrived at Memorial Park 5 minutes early Renee then arrived at 6:00PM on the dot she saw Matthew and said hey they then sat down and ate the food that Renee bought with her she bought with her : apple juice, cheesecake and two toffee apples which Renee made herself. they then both ate through the food and then both picked up the toffee apples, Matthew took the first big bite out of it then Renee started shouting " HE'S MINE HE'S MINE HE'S FINALLY ALL MINE! Matthew then passed out from the toffee apple that he ate.

Matthew then woke up in Renee's Basement tied to chains Renee had some weird machine which was in front of Matthew. Renee then opened up the basement doors and started whispering " Matthew, Matthew are you awake?" Matthew started shouting " Who are you what do you want form me!"Renee said "I don't really want you I just want you to give me a clone which is MINE!" Matthew started arguing with her disagreeing with her and of course he wouldn't want to give her a clone so he started tying to break free when Renee Slapped him and told him to stop it. Renee then started up the cloning machine and said "Matthew it's time to make you a twin" she chuckled she then untied Matthew and in a heart beat Matthew ran out of the basement and ran all the way home he told his mum what happened his mum then called the cops and Renee went to Juvi and Matthew realised Renee wasn't the right girl for him so he asked out Sophia and they both lived happily ever after

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