Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Click Cards

Clicker cards are something that Mr Diver started for better education and learning. The clicker card is a card with 40 squares on it that each student in the school now has if you get all 40 clicks you get a band which is the colour of your house. However you can only get 1 tick per day and if you are not there that day you miss out on your tick there will also be a laminated card on your classrooms whiteboard which says Formal Warning if you are off task your teacher will give you a warning then she/he will write your name on the Formal Warning card and if you continue to be off task she/he will write a big X beside your name and you wont get a tick for that day. Also if you complete your clicker card three times you will get a badge which you can wear with pride!

We also have things in our school called the star cards they are pretty much the same as the golden tickets but all the teachers that are on duty carry them around and see kids doing the right thing or picking up rubbish the teacher will give you a stars card then you go to your houses box in the library and put it in then at the next house hui one of your teachers will pick out two cards and if you win you will get a prize such as a chocolate bar then at the end of the term Mrs Coleville will mix all of the houses stars cards and who ever gets pulled out wins a STARS JERSEY! Then again at the end of the year Mrs Coleville will pull out 1 person and that person will win a brand new bike

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